What You Need To Know About American Express Gift Cards at Uquid Shop: Accepted In The USA Only


If you're considering purchasing an American Express Gift Card, it's essential to know that it may be used at merchants and retailers in the United States only. Last Christmas, I had quite an unpleasant encounter with this particular gift card.

I bought an American Express Gift Card (or Amex Payment Card, whatever you call it) at Uquid Digital Shop to give to my aunt, who just moved to Turkey. And to my surprise, she was unable to use it due to a recent update by American Express on location restrictions, even though she had previously owned an American Express Credit Card. I only found out about this limitation when I contacted the Uquid support team. Eventually, I ended up using the gift card myself since I was studying at Princeton at the time. I was surprised about the large selection of merchants that I could use my Amex card to make purchases, both online and in-store...

I am sharing my experience so others can learn from it. Because, trust me, having to think of a last-minute Christmas present for someone who lives far away from you, especially during the hectic festive time, is not a pleasant experience at all.

At the end of the day, while American Express Gift Cards may have limitations, they nevertheless have a lot to offer those who can use them. According to an American Express representative, 99% of U.S. merchants who accept credit cards also now accept AmEx.They are versatile and convenient, with no fees or expiration dates, making them a perfect gift for our friends and family who are in the USA, especially as the holiday season draws near.

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