[REPOST] Online Shopping Made Easier Thanks To Cryptocurrencies

For the longest time, consumers are always looking for ways to make their lives easier, and this is especially true for shopping. Online shopping, an industry which has benefited consumers and merchants, is now getting a boost thanks to the increasing global adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

Many online platforms such as Shopify and Uquid have integrated cryptocurrency-based payments for their respective clientele, and this article will therefore look at how online shopping has been made easier thanks to crypto.


As far as e-commerce platforms go, Uquid is one that readily offers over 2 million real-world items such as ‘Jewellery’, ‘Men’s & Women’s Fashion’, ‘Toys’, ‘Computers’, ‘Luggage’ and more. Additionally, to meet the demands of its loyal customers, the platform has collaborated with Binance Pay, a P2P cryptocurrency payment feature which can be utilised via the Binance App. Many individuals across the globe use Binance Pay on a regular basis to conduct trades as well as carry out different transactions in a safe, effective and borderless manner. Binance is also the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

Furthermore, the respective users of the two platforms will be able to seamlessly execute cryptocurrency-oriented transactions and purchases as a result of this collaboration. Binance Pay also supports fee-free transactions for 40 distinct tokens.

Uquid may thus be understood as a trendsetter in terms of offering customers with a wholesome and effective Web 3.0 purchasing experience. Linking the wallet address enables buyers to take advantage of all kinds of different benefits pertaining to ‘smarter shopping’ features such as staking points, new token airdrops through merchants, and much more.

Is online shopping here to stay?

We are currently still in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which has necessitated the need for individuals all over the world to adopt a contactless lifestyle, which also includes online shopping. Although many have participated in online shopping via conventional methods such as credit cards in the past, using cryptocurrencies as a payment method could make everything even easier and cost-effective in the long run. 

Moreover, Uquid has also introduced a new feature which is called ‘Buy Now Pay Later In 3’. This is essentially a new characteristic of the platform through which the future value of crypto is protected via delaying the payment, which is done in three instalments over 90 days. There is no interest or additional fees associated with this feature either. 

All in all, none of us truly knows when the world is going to come out of the global pandemic and the recent discovery of the brand new ‘Omicron’ variant’ has just made everything even worse. Whatever happens from now on though, it is clear that our lifestyles have undergone a seismic shift, and as far as online shopping is concerned, it does seem like cryptocurrencies are going to be routinely utilised in a much bigger capacity from now on through platforms such as Uquid.

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