The value of NFT products does not stop at the unique characteristics of NFT but also reaches out to other intangible values in terms of emotions and art that lead many people to want to own them.

Unlike ordinary money, its value is still the number printed on the surface, NFTs can accumulate value for themselves and increase the valuation many times over.

Artists, creators will create their own brainchild with their wonderful creative mind, which will make buyers feel the value of NFTs and they will make a decision to invest in NFTs and increase their value many times over.

Intangible emotional values are always something that cannot be measured or converted into money. Therefore, NFT is also called "money", but it is not money for exchange, but a product that really brings value to ownership.

However, it's not just about emotional value. NFT has great economic significance. When the economic situation is inflationary, the government has to print more money to recover the market, which leads to a decrease in the value in the currency. Investors tend to look for another way of investment to diversify their assets. This has made NFT a second and separate choice for investment.

Digital assets are also being gradually moved to NFT to increase the unique value of products and enhance ownership like NFT games or the Metaverse world.

The growing trend of NFT product range is partly due to the Covid-19 situation affecting a lot of tangible product launches and will instead be conducted online. Since then, investors can buy digital paintings or videos and display them on their website as an online collection.

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